Your Merry Mishaps

We’ve had a great response to our call for your funny Christmas stories and we’ve loved reading them all!

Back in November, we asked you to share your stories of Merry Mishaps with us on our Christmas Made Better Facebook page. Loads of you have shared your funny/embarrassing/silly stories, so thank you to everyone who posted theirs.

We said we’d choose our three favourites to be illustrated. It’s been very difficult to pick just 3, but here they are, complete with illustrations by the talented illustrator, Kev Gahan. Congratulations to Sophie Lily, Pamela Quinn and Susan Charters!

Festive family fallouts

“I always had the parents and parents-in-law for Christmas meals. We started eating the dinner one year and my husband helped himself to sprouts. His mum asked what he was doing because he didn’t like sprouts, to which he replied he didn’t like her sprouts but the way I cooked them made them delicious! Totally silent Christmas dinner!! He followed that up by asking her why her Christmas pudding wasn’t as nice as mine either!” by Susan Charters


Christmas DinnerAdding a bit of sparkle

“I always host Christmas for the whole family and a few years ago I’d brought all the food to the table and was carrying the gravy jug in. Just as I got near the table, I tripped and the gravy went all over the table! I was mortified. But my mum calmly took the jug off me, scraped all the gravy off the table back into the jug and put it on the table. The only problem was that I’d covered the table cloth with Christmas confetti so when we put the gravy on our food, it was covered in the confetti – it was so funny! We started picking up the confetti and sticking it on our faces. So thank you mummy for turning a potential disaster into the funniest Christmas Day ever!” by Pamela Quinn

No wrapping paper? No problem!

“My Christmas disaster was quite a few years ago, young and foolish I left most things until the last minute, like wrapping my presents. Christmas Eve eve I went in search of wrapping paper but couldn’t find any anywhere! My last stop was a craft shop where I was overjoyed to find some plain silver wrapping paper. That would do. I got home, procrastinated a little longer, before getting to my wrapping. As I begun to wrap my first present I realised my huge error, but by now it was too late. The paper wasn’t silver. It was clear, see through plastic! I ended up wrapping my presents in toilet paper. My little brothers thought it was hilarious, my mother thought how can this be my child. Don’t worry though, this year I have 20 rolls all stocked up. None of them are silver or see-through!” by Sophie Lily