How to wrap a sweater, better…

We can all wrap a sweater. It's really not that difficult, but here's how to wrap one more professionally.

Neaten-up a sweater/jumper

Here are a couple of tricks I used to make it easier for a perfectly wrapped top.

  1. Start by folding the sweater as neatly as you can into a tight shape
  2. Cut out a piece of rigid card to the same size and shape as the folder sweater
  3. Slip the card into the middle of the folded sweater, making sure it is hidden by the top and bottom of the sweater (this ensures it doesn’t bend/move inside the parcel)
  4. Cut your paper to size – don’t use too much or it will bulk on the seals and ruin the effect
  5. Put the sweater face-down on the wrapping paper (so that the major seal will be at the bottom)
  6. Fold the wrapping paper in and around the sweater so that there are no rough/jagged edges showing
  7. Seal together as neatly as you can (I have used double sided tape to hide the seam)
  8. When adding ribbon to your gift, I would air on the side of caution and cut more rather than less (to prevent wastage from having to cut a whole new strip if too short)
  9. Turn the gift back on to its front, place the cut ribbon over it, then carefully flip it over and go around and under (see pictures) and secure it at the back using double sided tape (I have tucked the second ribbon under the first to hide the cut)
  10. Finish the gift with a bow or decoration on the top

Sweater Grid