How to wrap like a pro!

We poached our Retail Manager and resident ‘Christmas expert’ Debbie Goddard for a day to teach us how to wrap those annoying gifts that we all leave to last.

Well no more! Debbie (AKA Mrs Christmas) offers up some easy wrapping hacks to help you through, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll get you to bed pre 3am!

Always start with the right equipment, have everything to hand (plus a glass of your favourite festive tipple!) and use a flat hard surface (not your lounge carpet).

First, and most importantly, don’t forget to remove price tags! We’ve all done it and it’s rarely salvageable on Christmas Day.

I recommend:

  • Easy to use strips of sticky tape (you’ll see I’ve got one of the new wrist ones – they’re great!)
  • Some double sided sticky tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Good quality gift wrap
  • Good quality tissue paper
  • Gift tags
  • Ribbon and decorative pieces to dress the finished gift – be as creative as you can with this – finishing touches really do make a big difference!


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