We’re loving Lands’ End jeans! 

September is jeans month here at Lands’ End. We’ve launched our new jeans monogram service, plus we’re raising money for the charity Jeans for Genes Day.

When it was announced we were going to start offering monogramming on our jeans, there was an air of excitement in the office. What would you have on yours? And with our biggest and best range of jeans ever, with new cuts, colours and fabrics to suit every shape and personality, we decided there was only one thing for it, to try them for ourselves. So with 5 willing volunteers from all areas of Lands’ End HQ, we embarked on a day of awkward poses and lots of laughs!

“I’m really pleased with my monogram, I think it looks great.”

Ria (23) is a Merchandising Assistant and a tall UK 12, she chose the Girlfriend Jeans. “I’ve got a few pairs of Lands’ End jeans and they all fit so well and are comfy to wear. I usually go for skinny jeans, but decided to try something different and I love them. I’m quite curvy and tall so I normally go for mid or high rise on the waist. These are a bit lower but sit in just the right place for me. They’re so comfy, with a loose fit in the hips and thighs but they’re still very flattering. They’re very on-trend, they’re like the mum-jean look.”

Ria had ‘Honey Bee’ monogrammed on the hip of her jeans. She said: “I’m really pleased with my monogram. I looked on pinterest for inspiration because I wanted a word or phrase that I would still like this time next year, so not a fad word. I chose Honey Bee and had it done in a yellow thread, which I think looks great.”

“The fabric is really soft and flexible and moves with you – ideal!”

Annette (58) is a Customer Service Advisor and a petite UK 8, she chose the Not-Too-Low-Rise Slim Leg Jeans. “These are wonderful because they are not skinny, they’re slim, which is ideal for the older lady. I’m petite so a mid rise fit is normally too high on me, but these are more between a mid and low rise, which makes it a better fit in the body. The width of the hem is also perfect, fits neatly over a boot.”

Annette dances in her free time, so she chose to have the names of some of the dances she does monogrammed on her jeans. “I started dancing a year ago and I love it!” she says, “I go three times a week now and I do 10 different dances, but the waltz is my favourite. The village hall we use is chilly in the winter, so these jeans will be very useful. Plus, the fabric is really soft and flexible and moves with you – ideal!”

“I think it’s a great idea to be able to personalise your jeans.”

Lucie (35) is a Copywriter and a UK 8, she chose the Pull-on Skinny Jeans. “I love these jeans, from the moment I tried them on, they were just so comfortable. The fabric is amazing, soft and stretchy but substantial enough to hold its shape. They have become my new favourites!”

Lucie chose to have ‘unique’ monogrammed on her jeans because she liked the idea of having something that is made for her, completely unique. “I think it’s a brilliant idea to be able to personalise your jeans. You can accessorise your top with jewellery or a scarf, so why not your jeans?! It’s different and I like that.”

“You could easily dress these jeans up or down.”

Hannah (24) is a Merchandising Assistant and a UK 14, she chose the True-Straight Jeans. “I wear jeans a lot, both smart and casual and I loved the colour of these because I thought you could easily dress them up or down. I think both the cut and the colour makes my legs look longer and they fit me so well. The fabric is also lovely and soft. I’d say the True Straight are a slimmer fit than the Straight, but not too slim.”

Hannah chose to have her name and initials monogrammed on her jeans, she said: “My favourite colour is red and I thought that would look great against the dark denim, and it does. I’ve already got a Lands’ End tote bag with my initials on it and I did think they’ll match nicely! I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out.”

“I’m a breast cancer survivor and like that my monogram is a talking point.”

Nicola (51) is Senior Receptionist and a UK size 14-16, she chose the True-Straight Jeans. “I always wear heels, even if they’re just small ones, so I wanted a slightly longer leg and these came in a choice of lengths. I wore them with boots for the photoshoot but I have worn them with other heels since and they look fab. I also like that they have a bit of give in them, it means they skirt my lumps and bumps nicely!”

Her monogram, ‘Love Life’ is very pertinent to Nicola, as a breast cancer survivor. “It was an easy choice of what to have monogrammed for me, having just celebrated my 5 year anniversary as a cancer survivor,” she says. “Having cancer, of any type, really does teach you to love life and live it to the full. And as anyone who works with me knows, I am determined to do that. I never take myself too seriously and love to have fun! Life is for living.” Nic is passionate about raising awareness of breast cancer and wants people to ask what her monogram stands for. She says: “I like that it’s a talking point.”