Talking Spring Styles with Blogger Tiffany Johnson

The blogger and photographer shows us how to dress this spring.

Tiffany Johnson’s Instagram feed is the stuff of Pinterest board fantasies: gorgeous family photos, ethereal white-washed nursery snaps and sun-drenched outdoor adventures. “I haven’t really changed anything about my account since making it public, it’s just me documenting our family,” she says. “It’s been sweet to see how people appreciate motherhood and looking at the life of a simple mom—it’s flattering that people like to take a peek!”

The Orange County, California-based wedding photographer spends her days raising her four young children and building a thriving business, so when it comes to shopping, the easiest route is the best route.

“Trying to take the whole family out shopping is grounds for tantrums,” Tiffany laughs. “Lands’ End makes finding clothes for everyone super simple. I can outfit my entire family in one sitting, which makes life easier for me.”

To get in the spring spirit, we chatted with Tiffany about spring style, her fashionable 8-year-old and the “mom zone.” Check out the rest of our conversation below.

Lands' End Girl?s seersucker tie shoulder twirl dress, boy?s long sleeve raglan solid tee, and boy?s no iron pinpoint

Why do you like shopping at Lands’ End?

I love going through the site; it’s so refreshing to see such cute pieces. It’s also nice because they’re a one-stop shop. I can go and find something for my husband and myself, as well as fashion-forward clothes for my kids. I love seeing that the brand is keeping up with trends and they have so many items that stand out, especially for little girls. I was gushing over some of the pieces—all the little spring dresses are so adorable!

What did your kids think of the clothes?

Cash and Duke were so happy I got them shirts in their favorite color and my Eliza kept twirling around in her dress! It was priceless.

Lands' End Women's vneck sweater in parchment, Girl?s seersucker tie shoulder twirl dress in lavender

What are the most important things you look for when shopping for your kids?

Something that’s obviously at the forefront of my mind for the kids is durability. They’re wearing these outfits to school for half the day and then they’re playing in them for the rest of the day so their stuff has to hold up. I notice when I buy things from other places that the kids will come home with holes in the knees or threads coming loose. You can tell just by looking at the site that the Lands’ End products are made well—which is super appealing for any parent.

How would you describe your style?

Even though I’ve had four kids, I’m not ready to put myself in the “mom zone” yet—I still want to look current and trendy (which is why I loved my dress)! I’m always looking for things that are cute but that also fit really well, especially since I’m short, since it can be hard finding clothes that fit.

Lands' End boy?s long sleeve raglan solid tee, Girl?s seersucker tie shoulder twirl dress, Men's (tailored fit) button down chambray and Women's vneck sweater in parchment

What’s the biggest challenge when getting clothes your kids?

Comfort is a big thing for them. My kids are wearing their clothes all day at school—when they’re running around at the park, playing with friends—so if their clothes don’t fit right or if they’re too tight or uncomfortable, it’s a problem. There are so many great options at Lands’ End that my kids will be comfortable in. All the twirly spring dresses for my girls, my daughter’s all over that sort of stuff. For boys, they have fun graphic tees. They also have a great variety of formal options, like v-neck sweaters and colored sweaters, that can go from play time to a nice occasion.

Now that spring is here, what style trends are you most excited about?

I’m loving all the dresses that Lands’ End has for women and girls! All the flowy dresses are great. The bright spring colors and floral prints are so stylish and eye-catching. I also love the button-downs for little boys, with so many options to choose from: checkered, pinstripe, lots of sweet, soft blues—they’re all perfect for Easter. Eliza’s dress is pretty. It has kind of a preppy vibe but is also really ethereal and she’ll be able to twirl around in it. It’s perfect for her.

Lands' End Girl?s seersucker tie shoulder twirl dress, boy?s long sleeve raglan solid tee, and boy?s no iron pinpoint