8 Men’s Spring Essentials

Tops and jackets you shouldn’t go without

Classic menswear is something we know about at Lands’ End – after all, we’ve been in the game for 40 years, ever since we offered our first piqué polo shirts. And there are some clothes that will always work harder in your wardrobe than anything else; here’s our pick of versatile tops and jackets you can rely on to transcend trends and seasons.   

1. Serious SweatsSweatshirt

We call them Serious Sweats for good reason: the fabric is seriously soft, seriously durable and seriously comfortable. Which is good to know, because this is one of those sweatshirts you’ll call on time and time again – whether you’re heading for the gym or the sofa.

2. Super-T Polo Neck

Whether you call it a polo neck or a turtleneck, this ‘basic’ features the same construction and ringspun jersey as our legendary T-shirt, the Super-T, so it’s light without being a lightweight; not only a great solo piece, it layers nicely under a jacket too. And it also resists fading, pilling and shrinking. (Now you see why we put quotes round ‘basic’.)

3. Mariner Cotton Jumper

It might feel as light as a T-shirt, but this is a bona-fide cotton jumper, from its sweater knit to its traditional fully-fashioned construction. This gives you a comfortable, season-spanning top you can wear on its lonesome, over another tee, however the weather moves you.

4. Brushed Rib Pullover

In a world awash with men’s sweaters and pullovers, this is one of a kind. Its hearty, brushed cotton knit and half-zip collar are what set it apart – think sweatshirt-relaxed, but smarter; layer it over a t-shirt or an Oxford shirt and rest easy in the knowledge that you can wash it, tumble dry it and be off.

5. Lightweight Squall Jacket

Ah, the Squall®. It’s a Lands’ End legend. This take on our best-selling rain jacket replaces the insulating fleece interior with a lightweight, breathable mesh lining, while still being as water- and wind-resistant as ever. It really is a Squall for all seasons.

6. Easy-iron Twill Shirt

Of course no-one likes wrinkles. (We’re talking clothes here.) But fear not, the easy-iron finish on this cotton shirt keeps them to a minimum for a full 30 washes. Team it with our no-iron chinos and you’re all set with zero effort.

7. Reversible Mac

Owning this raincoat is like owning two: it’s fully reversible so you can sport it with its tan or navy side showing, depending on your mood or outfit. Add to this its truly timeless styling and lightweight, weather-friendly practicality, the many seasons of service it’ll provide – and its indispensability becomes clear.

8. Lightweight Chino Blazer

A traditional navy blazer is one thing, but we like the idea of something a little less formal to give you more options. This lightweight blazer fulfils the brief with minimal structure in a soft, comfortable peached cotton twill. Great with jeans – and if you do want to dress up a bit, there are matching lightweight chinos too.