Make it easy on yourself.

If you've got children or grandchildren, chances are you've given them a ball at some point. Don't make it too hard on yourself, but don't make it too sloppy either!

A ball… seriously?
I’m good, but even I have limits. I’ve had mixed success with wrapping ball shapes over the years (as my son would attest to). If you want to have a go, use tissue because it’s more flexible, and add lots of fun decoration (ribbons, bows etc) to distract from the plethora of unsightly folds!

OR, just save on the stress and opt for a festive gift bag. It can be jazzed-up with ribbon and/or a simple personal gift tag. I’ve used a shop-bought one here, however I also love cutting up old Christmas cards, making a neat hole and poking ribbon through them, especially using old cards from the person you are gifting (i.e. this is an old Christmas card of yours). Gets a smile every time!