How to wrap a Chameleon…

...or something equally weird! Expert wrapper and Lands' End team member Debbie shows you how!

Soft toy hell!
I always find that wrapping something that is an awkward shape or soft can be tricky and can end up looking like a toddler did it. My ‘make your own bag’ tip not only saves time, but it can be made to almost any size AND helps to disguise the awkward shape inside.

  1. Use a roll of paper (although it can work with 2 pieces of wrapping paper if they are big enough for the gift)
  2. Measure the gift against the paper size – leave enough space at the side and top to allow for folds and to ensure the extra space disguises the shape
  3. Measure the same amount of paper again to go under and over the gift and cut it at the top (need an equal amount of paper front and back)
  4. Seal the 2 sides (and the bottom if using 2 sheets of paper) by neatly turning the edges in and securing with double sided tape
  5. Insert the gift
  6. Seal the top the same way
  7. Add some ribbon (and some extra pieces if you want) for decoration