A good fit, sun protection and something that expresses their personality will keep them (and you) happy this summer.

If it were up to them, they’d probably decide on a garish, impractical swimsuit and try to pay for it in sweets and stickers. (Kids!) Thankfully you’re here to look out for them. And what you’re looking for is a kids’ swimsuit that has a little bit of everything – style, comfort and protection from the summer sun. So we’ve put together a guide to the most important things to look for when choosing swimwear for the smallest members of your family:

Sun protection

Kids spend lots of time outside. Unfortunately, they don’t understand how harmful the sun’s rays can be. A long-sleeved rash vest is great if it’s not too hot. Otherwise, look for something with built-in UPF protection. All of our kids’ swimwear has UPF 50 protection, which is the highest level a fabric can have, blocking out up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Not all kids are built the same and they grow and change quickly. Choose a swimsuit, tankini, bikini or swim shorts with versatility, like elasticated, drawstring waists or adjustable shoulder straps, so they fit at the beginning and end of summer. All our girls’ and boys’ swimwear is such good quality, there’s no doubt it’ll work as a hand-me-down for a younger sibling or friend’s child too.


There are usually only two things kids want to do after leaving the water: play in the sand or go inside. A quick-drying swimsuit is a must because it means they’re not bringing sand in stuck to their suit or dripping half of the pool at the lunch table!


It doesn’t matter much to you what your child’s swimsuit looks like, so long as it keeps them comfortable and protected. But it’s a lot more fun for them if they have a say in what they’re wearing in the water. Maybe they like sharks or flowers or stripes or bright colours. Let them pick so they can show the world what makes them, well, them.


Yanking. Pulling. Tugging. They’re things that can drive a kid (and Mum and Dad) crazy on a swimsuit. A good one shouldn’t just fit when you first put it on. It should fit always – even, and especially, when wet.