Break Room: Todd Christiansen

Favourite app? Good reads? Beatles or Stones? Find out what makes the minds at Lands' End tick.

This is the Break Room.

You know the break room. The place where employees gather to hear the gossip of the day, dish on what music they’re listening to, and talk about which of their bosses are the best. (…Right?)

Today we hear from Todd Christiansen. We’ll let him fill you in on the rest.

Todd Christiansen

US Divisional Merchandise Manager Kids

Perfect Sunday morning
Breakfast outside with my family, which doesn’t happen very often living in Wisconsin.

Favourite Lands’ End product
Men’s Hyde Park Oxford Dress Shirt.

Last thing you listened to
The Orwells

Best thing you’ve read recently. (Be it book, article, or the back of the cereal box.)
Walt Whitman’s Song of the Open Road. Not a joke!

Your happy place.
Door County Wisconsin with my family.

Talent you wish you had
I wish I could play the Piano.

Beatles or Stones?
The Stones, Tweed Jacket and Skinny Tie phase.

Favourite app

Go-to karaoke tune
One doesn’t exist, nor should it!

Advice for your childhood self
Don’t throw away your Evil Knievel and Star Wars toys!

What the world needs now is _____.

Bucket list destination