Break Room: Ali Klunick

Favourite app? Good reads? Beatles or Stones? Find out what makes the minds at Lands' End tick.

This is the Break Room.

You know the break room. The place where employees gather to hear the gossip of the day, dish on what music they’re listening to, and talk about which of their bosses are the best. (…Right?)

Today we hear from Ali Klunick. We’ll let her fill you in on the rest.

Ali Klunick

US Digital Art Director (Canvas) and sometimes-illustrator

Perfect Sunday morning
Waking up early, making coffee, and taking my dog Moe for a walk.

Favourite Lands’ End product
The outerwear. I think Lands’ End coats have gotten me through almost every winter of my life (thanks, Mom!). They’ve carried me through recesses, outdoor football games, record-breaking cold streaks in Minneapolis, and everything in between. The outerwear is truly built to handle these crazy seasons.

Last thing you listened to
Monocycle podcast by Leandra Medine

Best thing you’ve read recently. (Be it book, article, or the back of the cereal box.)
Ladies Drawing Night by Julia Rothman – it’s got me thinking about how to start my own!

Your happy place
Spending time at my family’s tiny cabin in northern Wisconsin. We hang by the water in the summer and and cross-country ski and snowshoe in the winter. It’s beautiful during any season and a great way to be in touch with nature. There’s nothing more relaxing.

Talent you wish you had
Being able to speak Norwegian fluently.

Beatles or Stones?

Favourite app.
Probably Instagram – I love finding new artists and makers in my community and across the world. It’s certainly been a great source of inspiration.

Go-to karaoke tune.
Well this is embarrassing, but I love belting out “Don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith; spontaneously. Just ask my boyfriend. Thanks, Armageddon.

Advice for your childhood self.
Don’t be afraid to take chances – things always have a way of working out!

What the world needs now is _____.
Love and compassion.

Bucket list destination.