Cosy days in with the kids

Impress your kids or grandkids with these fun, creative activities you can do together on cosy days in.

If you’re looking for ways to keep little ones entertained and engaged, we’ve got a few ideas that are sure to impress the kids or grandkids. Whether you’re staying in due to bad weather or simply want a quiet day inside this month, we’ve got ideas that every generation will enjoy.

Spark their imagination with arts and crafts

When we think back to our childhoods, it’s quite impressive how imaginative and creative we used to be. Any old piece of ‘junk’ that the grown-ups discarded would quickly be used to create a new bracelet or a make-believe rocket. Children love making things on their own and letting their creativity run free, so an arts and crafts day could be a perfect afternoon activity.

Try unique arts and crafts the kids might not get to do at school, like model-making, origami, quilling or papier-mâché. If you’re feeling brave, how about making a tie-dye t-shirt with them? Messy, but so much fun, it’s worth it! Check out this great how to tie dye video from Persil. For a cosy day of crafts, our graphic tees for boys and girls are great paired with jeans or leggings. Clear a space on the kitchen table, get plenty of supplies, and let their imaginations run wild.

Make something deliciously creative

The only thing better than making things from scratch is getting to eat what you’ve made at the end of it, so a fun cooking or baking afternoon could be the perfect way to pass the time.

One of the simplest baking projects for children is making, baking and decorating cookies. Word of warning, though, sticky icing can get messy, so it’s best to pop on some casual clothing, or at least an apron. Cornflake cakes are another easy win. Here’s a simple recipe from Tesco Real Food. Or these Popcorn Squares from Waitrose sound delicious!

For more of a challenge – and perfect for older children – why not make individual pies that they can assemble themselves? Or, if you enjoy making preserves like jam or chutneys, why not spend the day taking them through the steps involved? Go with what you know, and you’ve got a delicious afternoon in store for everyone.

Get competitive!

There’s no denying it – a good game just can’t be beaten on the­ fun factor. Get a little friendly competition (and a lot of excited squealing) going with a board game, cards or a fun puzzle. A memory game is simple fun. Just collect objects from around the house (about 10) and place them on a tray. Get the kids to look at the objects and memorise them, then close their eyes while you remove 1 or 2 of the objects and see if they can tell you what’s missing. They’ll love turning it around and testing you too. Get them snuggled up in boys’ nightwear or girls’ pyjamas and get ready to get really competitive!

Leisurewear for him and her Pass down your favourite hobby

You’ve picked up lots of skills, experiences and hobbies along the way, and there’s no better time than a cosy day in to share those stories with the younger generation.

Get bundled up in our Soft Leisure collection, and teach the kids how to play a new instrument, show them the basics of practical hobbies like fishing, photography, woodworking or knitting, or do some yoga, dancing or acting together. More than anything, they’ll love just having your attention and having some fun with you.

Make this a reciprocal exercise by asking your grandkids about their hobbies, and try them out as best you can. Who knows, you may even pick up a new interest you can enjoy together.

Explore some fun science experiments

Stimulate naturally curious minds and get the kids or grandkids excited by science, technology and mathematics by doing some fun science experiments together. There are a host of child-friendly science experiments you can do at home, comfy in your slippers and dressing gowns, with zero special equipment needed.

While some experiments might still need special supplies, many use everyday household materials you might already have at home. Some simple yet fun experiments include making homemade slime or lava lamps, creating fog, making kaleidoscopes or even exploding volcanos. But make sure you wrap up in your favourite fleece (and maybe rainwear!) and head outside for that last one!

Whether you and your grandkids are exploring new topics, learning and sharing new skills or simply having a fun old time, it’s the quality time spent together that makes a cosy day in worth its weight in gold.

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