Most American kids grow up with a ball and glove, playing catch in the driveway or running around makeshift bases in the backyard. But you Europeans are all about soccer balls and cricket bats. How can you ever understand a peculiarly American sport like baseball? You concentrate on the essentials, and consider the history. BY AL SHACKLEFORD


    Our 2018 men’s outerwear was trialled on location in Alaska for our latest men’s catalogue. We met up with Alaskan expert Kent John to find out what else you need, besides great clothing, to survive in the wilderness.

    To apostrophe or not to apostrophe… that is the question!

    In the news today, our namesake, Land’s End in Cornwall has officially had an apostrophe added to its name. This is a topic very close to our hearts, as the apostrophe in our name, Lands’ End, is actually in the wrong place, and always has been.

    Picture perfect

    Have you ever wondered where we shoot the photography for our catalogues? Well, for Autumn 2018 we went back to our roots, the home of Lands’ End in the USA. Wisconsin and the beautiful Door County…

    Taking on the High Arctic with Lands’ End

    Before the weather turns too spring-like (we can but hope!), we wanted to share a story about ex Lands' End employee, Jo Symanowski, and her charity arctic adventure earlier this year.