Basic boxes don’t have to be basic.

Add a little decoration to make a basic box look special.

Jazz-up a box (with a recycling twist)

This is a layered piece, so get prepped to layer-up!

  1. This is a layered piece, so get prepped to layer-up!
  2. Use some nice (festive) tissue paper (looks pretty and provides added protection for the bottle)
  3. Lay the bottle onto the tissue and roll it diagonally to ensure not too much overlap at the base. Secure it in place with tape
  4. Carefully tuck the tissue at the base of the bottle up and into the base of the bottle (usual concave in shape) – do this slowly and carefully so that it looks as neat as possible (if you rush it, you’ll see what I mean!)
  5. Smooth the tissue straight at the top (you will be pulling this in later)
  6. Follow the same procedure with some clear or patterned (festive) cellophane or even some pretty fabric
  7. Once wrapped, cut the top of both layers neatly and if you want to ‘frill’ the top, make 3-4 vertical cuts downwards then pull and twist these sections out
  8. Add ribbon to the neck of the bottle, being careful to pull it in slowly. Don’t over-tighten this ribbon because it will over-ripple the tissue/cellophane
  9. Final touch: add any decoration of choice (I’ve tucked in a sprig of holly).

Box Grid