Exploring Fashion Trends: Past and Present

    There’s a cyclical nature to fashion that can make trend-spotting feel like a journey to the past. As new trends emerge, many of them can seem fascinatingly similar to the era-defining styles of bygone years. Here. We explore some of the major fashion trends in women’s clothing from the 1920s onwards, and discover the modern equivalents we wear today.

    The Ultimate Style Guide to Winter Fabrics

    You open your front door and a chilling gust of wind almost makes you want to close it firmly shut again. Looks like winter is finally coming! As temperatures start to lower, and the prospect of snow becomes a reality, it’s time to ensure your winter wardrobe is ready to keep you stylishly warm.

    Your Holiday (and wardrobe) wish list for 2018

    Darker nights and thoughts of Christmas making you dream of days away? Us too! So we asked our friends at Headwater Holidays to recommend some top destinations for 2018, and we picked the perfect outfits to take along with you.

    A day in the life of a formula 1 polo

    When the TV crew behind the UK’s Formula 1 coverage (on Channel 4) chose us for their official clothing, we jumped at the chance to get an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ scoop. Follow lead cameraman, Iain Smith, as he navigates race day at the Belgium Grand Prix, wearing our men’s short-sleeved Supima Polo…

    The iconic Drifter Sweater

    We take a closer look at what it is that makes our Drifter a classic. It's all in the detail: from fit to fabric; cables to crosshatch.